This year, on February 21st 2016, the Bergen County Historical Society combined their annual Washington's Birthday Ball with a re-dedication of the Steuben House, including the unveiling of sculptor Albert Jaeger's 107 year old plaster statue of Major General Friedrich Wilhelm, Baron von Steuben, model for the bronze one that stands opposite the White House, that had been damaged by the many floods we have had, but which has been carefully restored.

For those who would like to watch the full re-dedication ceremony, here it is, with talks and presentations by Bergen County Historical Society President Jim Smith, past BCHS President Deborah Powell, Conservator Gary McGowan, New Jersey Assemblyman Gordon Johnson, Bergen County Clerk John Hogan, and the Bergen County Division of Historic and Cultural Affairs' Cynthia Forster.

Statue of General von Steuben

Jim Smith looks on the unveiling of the statue of Baron von Steuben.

New Jersey Blues

Representatives of the 3rd New Jersey Regiment, also known as the "New Jersey Blues" stands guard in front of the Steuben House during the ceremony.

President George Washington

The guest of honor, President George Washington himself (portrayed by Hawthorne's talented Rodger Yaden), graced us with his presence for the rededication and the festivities that followed.

Music and Dance

There was music provided by Anne and Ridley Enslow, and dancing provided by Denise Piccino and the Tricorne Dancers for all to enjoy.

Kneading Rye Bread

In the Outdoor Kitchen, there was a demonstration of kneading bread (genuine rye bread, in this case). Alas, the bread oven, which takes over a day to reach the proper temperature, was not fired up.

President's Day Feast

There was, however, a cornucopia of tasty treats available, including the traditional cherry pie.


And if you wanted a cup of cider or a wonderful resource of American history, historian Todd Braisted was manning the tavern.